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The University of the Aegean was established in 1984. Its six campuses are organized as a network ofschools and departments located on six Aegean islands: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Syros, andLemnos. The resulting challenge of distributing and coordinating academic and administrative activitieshas driven the adoption of ICT in all academic practices and has enhanced the sense of unity across theUniversity’s academic community. In terms of its educational strategy, the UAegean invests inmultidisciplinary scientific fields that aim at addressing the needs of the modern world. It has led the wayin the introduction of new undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines (such as environmental studies,multimedia and design, humanities, Mediterranean studies, innovation management), making theUAegean a pioneering and competitive institution by Greek and European standards. Over the years, theUAegean has become an international research‐oriented university. In a recent evaluation by theEuropean University Association, it was acknowledged that the university had an "impressive" researchoutput. Multiple Research Centers, well‐equipped laboratories, and a high‐quality Academic andResearch Staff have all contributed to the significant results that the University has to display in scientificresearch. As part of various knowledge transfer activities, it is in close cooperation with its localcommunities, for providing innovative solutions to a range of issues (business, social, cultural, etc.). Since1985, the University’s Research Unit has implemented more than 2000 projects that received funding inexcess of 140 million Euros. Today, the Unit is operating with an annual budget of more than 13 millionEuros. Number of students 15.575 Number of Bachelor degrees offered 18 Number of Master degreesoffered 43 Number of PhD degrees offered 18 .