JoinMe2: Greek Partners

JoinMe2: Greek Partners

Diversity is widely recognized as determinant affecting the optimization of teaching and practices in all school settings. Diversity among students and faculty in a wide range of aspects have been and continue to be a reality in education including Higher Education levels.

Recent developments globally such as exchange educational programmes, easy traveling, and migration, have affected increasingly faculty and students’ mobilities among Higher Education Institutions. Multi-cultural classes, students and staff with different life experiences coming from different cultural environments, possibly speaking different languages, with or not exceptionalities, enrich the diversity puzzle of a typical European class today, and raise more educational challenges for an effective teaching, a teaching for all, ensuring issues of social inclusion.

The project Joinme2 is a challenge for all partners cooperating in its corpus to investigate and discuss diversity issues in Higher Education in their countries.

The Greek Team

  • Vana and Electra , both members of staff of the Department of Geography at the University of the Aegean, and Eleni, professor emerita from the Department of Primary Education, will cooperate with other Joinme2 partners investigating and discussing matters concerning diversity issues in Higher Education in Greece and Europe.


Vana Chiou

Vana Chiou is currently member of the Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP) at the Department of Geography at the University of the Aegean in Educational Psychology. She teaches Didactics and Educational Psychology at the undergraduate level and Methods of Teaching and Promoting Human Geography at the post-graduate level. Her research interests include: contemporary methods of teaching, teacher training, differentiated instruction, inclusion and education.

Electra Petracou


Electra Petracou is Associate Professor in Political Geography, Department of Geography of the University of the Aegean. Her teaching experience, research work and interests focus on movements of populations, asylum, refugee and migration issues, global, European and national policies on borders and migration, decision making on social, political and international issues. She is co-director of the Laboratory of Movements on Borders in the Department of Geography of the University of the Aegean.

Eleni Skourtou


Eleni Skourtou is professor emerita at the Department of Primary Education / University of the Aegean.  She used to be member of the scientific committee that designed, implemented and supervised the postgraduate English-speaking program “Language Learning for Refugees and Migrants (LRM) at the Hellenic Open University. Her main research interests are language education, second language learning, bilingualism, and education of minority children; literacy / orality / multiliteracies, text & meaning making. Her actual research and commitment are in the field of Roma children education and of refugees (children and adults) education.