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Dr Ali Akbar is working as a post-doctoral researcher in the institute of education at the university of Derby, United Kingdom. He has worked and lived in different European and south Asian countries and taught to students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. His doctoral research was “an exploration of teachers’ and students’ perspectives on the effective teaching of the critical interpretation of the sacred text in multilingual classrooms”. He has worked on many diverse topics including strategies for inclusive teaching, teaching religiously sensitive issues in multicultural classrooms, engaging children with special needs in spiritual activities at Faith based schools and their impact on their well-being. He is currently working on representation of disabled people in Muslim scriptures. 

He taught previously at Minhaj university Lahore, the University of Central Punjab, and the university of Lahore and taught functional English and business communication, faith and culture, speech, language and communication, language and society, inclusive teaching and learning, and critical pedagogy. All these subjects enable him to teach and explore diversity and inclusion through international and diverse lens.